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Middle manual QA engineer (E-commerce, Postman, LAT&EUR)


We build a scalable enterprise eCommerce platform and get the most out of the advanced high-load ASP.NET Core solution. As a client, you can enjoy headless, microservices, and modularity features. Integrate your existing back end, best-to-breed third-party applications with our e-Commerce modules easily. Speed up your system with easy-to-install updates without the headache of testing all the patches your developers have done before.


International company with more than 20 years of experience has its offices in the USA, Russia, Lithuania, and Spain. The project was founded by a team that previously developed the Mediachase eCommerce framework, successfully used by thousands of merchants around the world. It was acquired and is now known as EpiServer.

Our QA team consists of 12 QA engineers. We use SCRUM, Jira, and Slack for communication. We do RESTful API-testing, RestfulGraphQL (Postman, Swagger).


Experience in manual testing;
Experience and understanding of the testing flow;
Experience in e-commerce testing (optional);
Experience in automation testing (optional);
RESTful API-testing, RestfulGraphQL (Postman, Swagger);
Creation and support documentation (reports, test plans, etc.), experience in any test management tools (for example TestRail);
Understanding CI/CD process (Jenkins/GitLab/GitHub);
Understanding Agile methodological;


Product regression testing (cyclically, each sprint).
a) Running the tests plans
b) Bug reporting
c) Test cases review and update (support in the actual state)


One of our founding principles at Evolve Squads is to encourage our developers, with the cooperation of their hiring managers the ability to work remotely when permitted. This flexibility allows developers…

  • A better work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • The ability to work any time around the clock
  • Reduction in commute time
  • Fewer sick days
  • More time with family and friends
Job Category: QA
Skills: .NET QA