Now Hiring: Are you a driven and motivated Data Scientist or a Senior Software Engineer?

Remote CTO/Architect (Architect, Python/GO, Angular, US/Can/LATAM/EUR)

. . . create world-changing products using God-given talents . . .


Behind every great organization is a team of dedicated individuals coming together for a higher purpose. Our vast experience, combined with a foundation based upon integrity and teamwork, enables us to provide consistent, dynamic solutions to each and every one of our clients. Comprehensive consulting services, expert advisory, and cutting-edge solutions to tackle your business challenges.

We harness our accumulated wisdom in Risk, Delivery, Technology, and Training to turn your thoughts and ideas into tangible results. Leveraging years of professional experience and the insights gained from numerous client engagements, we work with you to understand your needs and deliver the business value you seek.


Project technology stack is below:

AWS, EC2 instances, with RDS ( PostgreSQL)
Repo: GitLab using CI/CD
Front: Angular. JS. TypeScript
Back: Python, GO, Java
CICD/ Docker, Kubernetes

• Time zone: EST (should be able to work 8 am-2 pm EST)
• Start Date: ASAP

  • Technical manager with strong architectural capabilities, adept at leading teams as a Scrum Master.
  • Extensive experience in AWS ecosystem, possessing comprehensive knowledge to architect solutions.
  • Strong JavaScript, TypeScript knowledge.
  • Strong backend experience with proficiency in Python/Go programming languages, complemented by adeptness in database design, enabling comprehensive end-to-end solution development.
  • Proficient in crafting products from inception to deployment, focusing on thorough solution documentation.
  • Skilled in managing teams effectively, balancing technical excellence with project management expertise.
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, design, and implement robust solutions while ensuring alignment with business objectives.
  • Developing front end website architecture.
  • Designing user interactions on web pages.
  • Developing back-end website applications.
  • Creating servers and databases for functionality.
  • Ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones.
  • Ensuring responsiveness of applications.

At Evolve Squads, we believe that every one of us has been blessed with God-given talents. And yes, that absolutely includes you. “In his grace, God has given (all of) us different gifts for doing certain things well” Rom 12:6 (NLT). That’s a promise we can take to the bank! You were created with unique gifts and talents, and the Evolve Squads has a project where you can use them. You were also created to fill a unique role; God needs you to do that too.

  • Long-term projects (1, 2, even 5+ years);
  • Fully remote workflow – we will never ask you to go into an office;
  • FREE English classes;
  • Flexible working hours;
  • Caffeinated teammates;
  • Health working environment and projects that use advanced, cutting-edge technologies;
  • Career growth opportunities;
  • Bonuses for a personal recommendation of new employees, new business;
  • A working environment where you communicate and work directly with the Client;
  • Paid PTOs;
  • Zero bureaucracy, no punks, no jerks culture;
  • Growth opportunities and the ability to move up within the company

This flexibility allows developers…

  • A better work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • The ability to work any time around the clock
  • Reduction in commute time
  • Less sick days
  • More time with family and friends
Job Category: API Architect Back-end Database Design Front-end
Job Location: Canada Europe LATAM USA
Skills: AWS Go Python Scrum Master
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