Now Hiring: Are you a driven and motivated Data Scientist or a Senior Software Engineer?

Remote Scala Developer (Mid-Senior, FitchSolutions, LATAM, Europe, North Africa)


We are lifting the curtain on the largest financial market in the world: structured finance. The $16+ trillion market is the backbone of everyday activities that empower financial freedom, from consolidating credit card debt and refinancing student loans, to buying a home and starting a small business.

Our data analytics platform brings unparalleled transparency into investment performance and risk for lenders and Wall Street investors in structured products. As a data-first company, we wrangle critical loan data and build modern analytical tools that enable strategic decision-making for responsible lending. In a nutshell, we’re helping prevent a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis by offering the data and tools required to make smarter data-driven decisions resulting in a safer world for all of us.


Ongoing project with an existing codebase.
Tech Stack: Scala, GraphQL, Google Cloud, JavaScript.
Core Team in NY (EST time zone)
Agile Methodology

Interview stages:
1 – HR Interview
2 – Technical Check
3 – Final interview with the Manager

  • 3-7+ years of professional programming experience with Scala
  • 2-3+ different Scala projects
  • Deep appreciation for engineering fundamentals
  • Experience writing tests, designing systems for long-term maintainability, and evaluating both sides of common engineering considerations.
  • GraphQL knowledge;
  • Good familiarity with Google Cloud Provider (GCP)
  • Familiarity with GitHub Actions and Harness for CI/CD
  • Comfortable with SQL
  • Experience with JavaScript


  • fixing bugs
  • provide improvements suggestions
  • deliver clean code
  • collaborate closely with other teams to expand and improve the capabilities of our data platform. This includes:
  • working closely with several analyst teams to understand business domains,
  • the Integrations team to resolve scaling and functionality pain points in data processing,
  • the Internal Applications Team to build solutions for our internal workflows,
  • and several Product Teams to scale data ingestion, storage, and database access to ship new products.
  • Long-term projects (1, 2, even 5+ years);
  • Flexible working hours and remote work;
  • FREE English language classes;
  • Health working environment and projects that use advanced, cutting-edge technologies;
  • Career growth opportunities;
  • Bonuses for a personal recommendation of new employees’ new business;
  • A working environment where you communicate and work directly with the Client.

This flexibility allows developers…

  • A better work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • The ability to work any time around the clock
  • Reduction in commute time
  • Less sick days
  • Health insurance
  • More time with family and friends
Job Category: Back-end
Job Location: Europe LATAM Pakistan
Skills: GCP GraphQL JS Scala
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