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Who We Are

Over the last years, Evolve Squads has been in the business of reverse engineering your entire outsourcing software development search cycle. Our fulfillment process is more efficient and user-friendly so that hiring managers can focus significantly more on areas of the business where they can create greater value and return for themselves, and their stakeholders.

Evolve Squads

Our value propositions include the following…

Our Fulfillment Workflow Process
“Time kills all deals”… especially for senior developers.Evolve Squads unique value proposition centers on our Fulfillment Workflow Process that puts our Fulfillment Officers in the center of the relationship between the developer and hiring manager. Discover now
Roaming Evolvers
One of our founding principles at Evolve Squads is to encourage our developers, with the cooperation of their hiring managers the ability to work remotely when permitted. Discover now
Dynamic Pricing Model
ES encourages three flexible dynamic pricing models all based on a time and material approach to software development. We understand each project is uniquely defined and may require distinctively different rate and pricing schedules. Discover now
Service Guarantee
We understand that bringing on the right developer can be a challenging and risky endeavor. We stand behind our work and want our clients to partner with us with confidence and assurance. As a result, if you are not completely satisfied with our developer, we will refund 100% of your invoice for the previous 30 days worked. Discover now

How Evolve Squads works for You

Get started with four simple steps to fulfill your software development needs.

04 Steps

01. Request
We will listen to your business challenges. This is our #1 priority.
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02. Give us 72 hours
If we hear a problem can solve, we’ll be more than happy to offer a solution. We promise to do our pre-research phase within 72 hours.
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03. Leverage Our Professional Network
Our fulfillment officers will work their professional network and provide the very best CV's for your consideration
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04. Select, Negotiate & Onboard
Our fulfillment officers are highly skilled at finding the best talent throughout Central & Eastern Europe in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
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