Why Evolve Squads


Why Evolve Squads?

We don’t sell at Evolve Squads. Our singular objective is to solve business challenges
by providing only the finest software developers
throughout LATAM, Eastern and Cenrtal Europe, The United States and India.

We will not call or meet with you to immediately deliver
a list of “features and benefits” that you have heard
numerous times from sales executives throughout your career.

What we will promise to do is listen.
We will listen to your business challenges and
if we hear of a problem we can solve,
we’ll be more than happy to offer a solution.


Let us know about
your next project.


    Find the right talent among 46,217 senior software engineers across Latam, Europe and India.

    Here are
    our Value Propositions

    “Time kills all deals”… especially for senior developers.
    Evolve Squads unique value proposition utilizes our Fulfillment Workflow Process that puts our Fulfillment Officers in the center of the relationship between the developer and hiring manager.
    This process creates a much quicker and more efficient interview, hiring and on-boarding process than traditional outsourcing recruiting practices which usually takes anywhere between four to eight weeks to complete . . .
    incident management
    Time zones, cultures, languages and skill sets are
    just some of the challenges hiring managers
    experience every day when dealing with globally
    distributed software development teams.
    By untilizing our fulfillment workflow process, our
    customers are able to take advantage of our vast
    network of senior level developers, and at the
    same time mitigate the risks associated with team
    members located throughout the world.
    team collaboration
    “How much do we owe?”
    Evolve Squads encourages three flexible dynamic pricing models all based on a time and material approach to software development. We understand each project is uniquely defined and may require distinctively different rate and pricing schedules. These include the following:
    Hourly Rates
    Weekly Rates
    Monthly Rates
    We understand that bringing on the right developer can be a challenging and risky endeavor. We stand behind our work and want our clients to partner with us with confidence and assurance. As a result, if you are not completely satisfied with our developer, we will refund 100% of your invoice for the previous 30 days worked. Guaranteed.

    Hi-end software engineers across LATAM, India and Europe.

    English Level
    60% of the workforce speaks English at the
    intermediate level.
    20% is upper-intermediate.
    20% is fluent-advanced.
    English classes as a fringe benefit are common.
    Average Age: 70% is between 25 and 40yrs.
    25% – 25-30 years old.
    30% – 30-35 years old.
    15% – 35-40 years old.
    30% – more than 40 years old.